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Integrating Moxie with Zoom
Integrating Moxie with Zoom

Automatically add Zoom meetings to your Meeting Scheduler

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Moxie integrates with Zoom to make it easy to automatically add Zoom meetings to Moxie Scheduled meetings. Once Zoom is connected you will see an option in your Meeting Locations for "Zoom". To connect your Zoom account, simply navigate to the Connect Apps section in workspace settings.

Click the "Connect Zoom" button and authenticate with your Zoom account credentials.

After "Authorizing" Moxie to access your Zoom meeting account you will be redirect to the Moxie Connect Apps page and you will see that Zoom is now listed as "Connected".

If you would ever like to disconnect your Zoom account from Moxie, simply click the "Disconnect Zoom account" button and confirm in the dialog that you no longer wish to give Moxie access to your account.

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