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Client Portal - Permissions
Client Portal - Permissions

Configure who can access the portal as well as preview the portal as one of your clients.

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The permissions tab gives you one place to see all of your clients and what individual contacts can access the client portal.

Clicking on each client row will bring up a modal which allows you to add contacts to your client or grant/revoke access to the client portal to existing contacts. You can also customize what features each client can view in this modal.

These are the same contact records that can be configured within the client detail section of the main Moxie platform. You can also modify permissions from directly within the contact card in client details.

In addition to being able to manage who can access the client portal, this screen also provides an easy way for you to view the Client Portal as your client. This is helpful when you are first getting things set up and you want to understand what the client experience will be. Simply click on the [...] on the right side of the screen and choose the option to "View portal as...". This will open up a new tab in your browser and you will be automatically logged into the portal as your client. When you are done, simply log out or choose a different client to explore further.

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