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Client Portal - Custom Domains
Client Portal - Custom Domains

Use your own domain to provide a fully branded experience.

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Custom domains are an optional feature, but if you have your own domain they are a great way to fully bring your brand into the Moxie Client Portal. Every user gets a semi custom domain which looks like If you have your own domain and you want to have your clients log into (for example) you can follow these instructions on how to configure your DNS (Domain Name System) settings for your domain.

The first step in getting your custom domain set up is to create a CNAME record in your DNS configuration. This is typically done with your domain registrar, but occasionally you will need to configure these settings with your web hosting provider. If you get hung up here, don't hesitate to chat with us and we can point you in the right direction.

To begin, you first need to decide what URL you would like your clients to access the Client Portal at. Typically this is or something similar.

In this example, the CNAME you are setting up will be configured as such:

clients CNAME

Here are some instructions for populate DNS providers on how to set this up:

If you don't see your DNS or hosting provider here, please let us know and we can find the instructions and update our list.

Note for CloudFlare Users: You must disable DNS proxying on your CNAME record or you will receive an exception in Moxie when trying to add your custom domain. This can be accomplished by toggling the "Proxy status" to "Off" on your CNAME record within the CloudFlare DNS Configuration.

Once your CNAME is configured with your DNS provider, you can add the value into the configuration form and click "Register Now". Our systems will confirm the CNAME is correctly configured and if everything looks good, we will automatically finish provisioning the domain. Once everything is set up (less than 90 seconds) you will get a Moxie notification and at that point your custom domain will be active and ready to use.

Please NOTE: The CNAME record must stay in place - so please do not delete it or modify it as it will cause your custom domain configuration to stop working.

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