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Integrating Moxie with PayPal
Integrating Moxie with PayPal

Connect your PayPal account with Moxie for secure integrated invoice payments

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Integrating PayPal takes a few minutes and a PayPal Business account. The video below will walk you through the required steps in detail:

What you will need to continue:

  • A PayPal Business Account

  • You must be the owner of the Moxie account

  • Notepad or Text Edit to copy some values into

  • Less than 3 minutes of your day

The following video will show you how to gather some important information from PayPal and paste it into Moxie to enable your integration.

  • Step #1 - Gather your Merchant Id

  • Step #2 - Create an "app" in the PayPal Developer Dashboard

  • Step #3 - Copy the Client Id and Client Secret from the new created App

  • Step #4 - Paste the values into the Connected App within Moxie

  • Step #5 - Get Paid

If you run into any trouble setting things up, don't hesitate to hit the help button the lower right of your screen and we can help you get things set up.

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