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How to configure a recurring invoice
How to configure a recurring invoice

Set up automatic invoicing

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If you send regular invoices to a particular client, you can schedule them to be generated and/or sent automatically.

Set-up your fee structure

Create your client and/or projects and set up your fee structure the way you like - hourly, fixed rate, recurring, or a combination of those (we call that combination per item pricing).

Click a project's overview page and then edit to add the pricing structure that fits the way you work.

Set-up your invoice

Go to accounting > invoices and click the + to create an invoice or begin from your client's invoicing tab. Since invoicing is such a vital part of your business, almost anywhere you see the + in the upper right, you can create an invoice.

Select recurring to begin the set up process.

You'll set up how often you'd like your invoice to be created per the interval you choose. For example:

Recurs: 1

Interval: year
Your invoice will be created 1 time per year.

Recurs: 2

Interval: month

Your invoice will be created 1 time for every 2 months of time that passes.

Set the date you'd like to start. You can view the next run time as well so you can be sure that you set your recurrence up correctly.

You can opt to send the invoice automatically by checking the box. Or uncheck the box and you'll receive a notification at the bell icon in the upper right corner when your invoice is ready for your approval.

With a Stripe connection, you can also save a credit card on file. Select "Automatically charge on due date" and allow that card to be automatically charged on the due date you set in the invoice. You'll want to be clear with your client on this (and they'll probably love you for making their life one step easier).

If you bill hourly, you can choose how much you'd like each line to show in total. One line of the invoice can show the total hours for the invoiced period, a month, a week, or each day.

This gif illustrates what the final invoice will look like depending on what you select for hourly line breakdown.

Opt to include billable hours, billable projects, or both. then click ok and save your invoice. You can view your recurring invoices in your invoice list in accounting or in your client's invoice list.

Click any of the recurring invoices to view it. Click the recurrence in the upper left corner to make edits as necessary. If you'd like to pause this recurrence, but not remove it, you can uncheck the "enabled" box to save it for later use.

An example:

If you wanted to have emails automatically send to your clients with your invoices due on the 1st of the month, but you want to send it earlier, you could set the recurrence schedule to be the date you'd like it to send (example: the 25th) and the due date on the date you'd like to be paid (example: the 1st). This will have Moxie send on the 25th and due on the 1st.

If you have auto payments set up, this will automatically charge them on the 1st.

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