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February '22 Product Updates
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  • Client Specific Currency Support - This update includes the ability to set the "presentment" currency on a per client basis while retaining your "home" currency. Not only can you invoice your clients in different currencies, but Hectic will automatically apply the correct daily exchange rate to your transactions so that you can view your reports and metrics in your home currency without needing to perform manual calculations.

  • Subscription Billing - In addition to the traditional invoicing features of Hectic, you now have access to the full power of Subscription Billing. This allows you to offer your clients subscriptions to products and services and automatically bill the credit card at the beginning of a period. Note: This feature requires an active Stripe connection.

  • Data Import Tool - You can now import Clients, Invoices, Expenses, and Time Worked records into Hectic. The files must be in CSV (Comma Separated Values) format. If you are a new user and are looking for assistance getting your data into Hectic, please let us know and we can help you out!

  • Billable time rounding - Configurable on a per client basis to control the rounding increment for any hourly work invoiced to the client. When you enable rounding on a client, all time entries will be rounded UP to the next increment before being added to the invoice. Note: Your actual time entries will stay accurate to the second, but the client facing reports and invoices will show the rounded values.

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