March '22 Product Updates
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Project and Proposal Templates (Beta) (Pro Plan Required) - We have introduced the ability to create templates from Projects and Proposals, and Deliverable Packages. Save any project or proposal as a template. Edit the template and fine tune the details. Each time you create a new project or proposal, you will be given the option to create from template or start from scratch.

Multiple Google Calendar Support - You can now access more than just your "primary" google calendar when you connect your Google Calendar with Hectic. You can enable or disable any calendars accessible. This new addition is fully integrated into the primary Hectic Calendar as well as the Meeting Scheduler module.

Embeddable Lead-Generation / Discovery Forms (Pro Plan Required) - Hectic forms have received a major update which allows you to customize colors, fonts, and display your logo. In addition, the forms are now able to be embedded directly into your website or a link can be shared with a prospective client. Information gathered in the form can now be used to on-click create a new client when viewing the form submission results.

Customizable Week Start - We have added the ability to set your preference for what day of the week the calendar starts (either Sunday or Monday). This impacts the main Hectic Calendar as well as all date selectors within the application.

Hectic Mobile App now supports Calendar view - get the same 10,000 foot view of your schedule on the mobile app. A consolidated view of your linked calendars, deliverable dates, invoices, payments, and time tracking, etc - all in one place. (Available in version 1.42 on the App Store and Google Play)

Project List - Deliverable Sort - You can now choose how you would like the deliverable list sorted within the Project List view. The options are by Name, Due Date, or Status. The previous default was the "Status" view which shows the deliverables in a waterfall view.

Lead Generation / Discovery Form - required fields. You can now specify that certain fields on your forms are required. This functionality works across all embedded forms, calendars as well as the directly sent "discovery" form from within your Client Details.

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