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Projects - work flow views
Projects - work flow views
Easily see exactly where each task is in your work flow.
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Project management is designed to help you visualize your work flow so you can track your progress or easily work with collaborators.

Hectic has 3 layouts for you to choose from:

  • List

  • Board (kanban)

  • Timeline (Gant)

List view

In list view, you get an overview of your tasks. This overview is clickable in each column except for the project column. Make changes to the task without having to open the full details. You can also leave comments or add tasks quickly from this view by clicking in the appropriate box. For a full view of the task details, click the 3 dots on the right.

Use filters to show only certain client, project, status, or date range. You can also alter the sorting by the view that helps you get the most done.

Board view (kanban)

In board view, you'll see a visualization of where your tasks are in your workflow. Each of the cards is clickable so you can make edits to the task details. Click and drag the card into it's appropriate column as you move it through your process.

Use filters to show only the clients, projects, or statuses that you want to see. Sort by name, client, project, due date, or priority. Choose sort by kanban to manually order your cards.

Pro tip: At Hectic, we use an "Archive" column placed to the right of the "Done" column for all of our completed work from a previous month. Then when we view our kanban, we filter out that status to focus on what still needs to be completed, but allows previous tasks to be duplicated or reviewed.

In the card view, you can quickly check off or add sub-tasks by clicking the check mark.

What if I have a project without tasks?

If you have a project with no tasks, you will see it in projects > overview. You can click on the card there for access to edit the payment structure or add tasks as necessary.

Timeline view (Gant chart)

To view your work in a chart format (designed so you can visualize how much work you have at any given time), choose timeline view. Each of the items is clickable so you can edit details. Click and drag your task to extend or shorten it's working time as necessary.

Use filters to show only a certain time frame or client (or any filter you like). Sort your chart by status, name, client, due date, or priority.

Customize your work flow

Add your work flow using the board/kanban view. Click any status to edit its name or the 3 dots to change the color. You can also set which column is your completed column or add a column to your client workflow. This column will appear in your client portal for your client to approve only tasks dropped into that column. More on client approval in this article.

Add a new column by clicking "+ Add new status." Rearrange your columns, by dragging and dropping to your heart's content.

The statuses are the same across your entire account.

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