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Deposits are not just about the money.

Requiring a deposit communicates a client’s mental and fiscal commitment. Deposits set a tone of professionalism and confidence and help to ensure a mutually respectful and beneficial business partnership. If the client reacts adversely in response to your deposit requirement, then it's up to your insight to recognize this behavior as a red flag and an indication to proceed with caution.

You can start a deposit invoice from anywhere you would create a standard invoice. Begin from your homebase focus tab by clicking invoice or accounting and click the + and select deposit.

After you enter the deposit amount, you will be taken to the newly created deposit invoice. This will be based on your invoice template.

You can create a separate deposit template for your invoice. Toggle which invoice template you use in the upper left corner of a newly created invoice.

Click anywhere to edit.

Send your deposit via Moxie email or download a PDF to send it your own way. The Moxie email is fully editable.

If you have not integrated electronic payments, you can record a payment when you receive it in the top right corner by clicking the three dots and choosing "Record a payment."

After a deposit has been paid, you will be able to credit the amount back to your client (if you choose) on a future invoice. The next time you create an invoice, you will see an option to "Apply deposit credit."

You can opt to apply the full deposit or whatever amount you have previous agreed to with your client.

Pro tip: If you'd like to create a full payment plan - a deposit and other partial payments made towards one project, using payment plans will be the most helpful.

A note on deposits:

Contrary to the popular opinion of most freelancers, it is industry best practice -- and thus expected -- for a freelancer to require a deposit before starting work. Moxie allows you to configure whether or not a deposit is required, and whether that deposit will be a fixed amount or a percentage.

⭐ PRO TIP: For most freelance projects, it is acceptable to require 30%–50% of your estimated fee.

⭐ PRO TIP: Inform the client in writing in advance (e.g., in the proposal) that a deposit is required, including:

  • Deposit percentage

  • Deposit due date

  • Whether it will be deducted from their next invoice or if it will have a dedicated invoice

You can include this in your contract terms when you create an agreement with Moxie. Moxie will automatically create the deposit invoice (per your terms) or you can include a deposit payment in your agreement with integrated payments.

Q: What percentage do I require if I'm working within an estimated range that will be determined as the project progresses?

  • A: If you've given the client a range, then industry best practice is to calculate the deposit according to the amount at the low end of the range (for example, if you give an estimate of between $3,000 to $3,300, then calculate your percentage according to $3,000 (the low end of the range).

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