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Pause and edit your timer
Pause and edit your timer
Start and stop the timer then quickly pick up where you left off.
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Associate each of your tracked time entries with a client, project, and/or task. You can also add notes for this time entry. When you select a detailed invoice view from your workspace settings, these details will show for your client in your invoices.

When you need to step away from your work for a minute (or 20), you can stop your timer and easily pick up where you left off. Click the caret to drop down your timer history. Hover over the entry you want to restart and click the play button to start with the same client, project, task, and note.

Use this area to edit a previous time entry as well. You can click any entry to edit it.

If you forgot to start your timer, you can hit the timer start to begin your timer now then click the running timer and adjust your start time.

View all of your time worked by clicking "Timesheets" in the left navigation. Use filters to show just the entries that matter for that moment.

View all time entries per client by clicking the client and then their "Timesheet" tab. View all time entries per project by clicking the project and then the "Timesheet" tab.

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