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Homebase - insights
Homebase - insights

Homebase has 3 primary tabs - focus, calendar, and insights. This article is centered around insights.

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Use real data to see how healthy your freelance business is.

Quick filters at the top allow you to view your full business or filter to see only a specific client and/or only a specific date range. Set your own date range using "Custom dates."


Easily compare your total invoiced against total received. Each box is also interactive to allow you to see the full list of files that the number has been calculated from. For example, if you click "Invoiced," you'll see all of the invoices that make up the total for the client and date range you selected in your filters.

Click any of those invoices to view it. If an invoice status is "Late" or "Sent," you can also record payments, return to draft for edits, void, or write off with by clicking the invoice from the list.

You can also click "Received" to see the paid invoices that total your received amount.
In "Expenses," you can view and edit the description, category, and date paid. You will also see if it has already been included on an invoice (if it is a reimbursable expense).

The graph allows you to toggle between the trend over a period of time (based on your quick filter), invoiced amount by client, and by lead source. Mouse over the graph for exact numbers and details.


View your hours worked and average hours over a period of time based on your quick filters. If you are viewing a year, you will see average hours per month. If you view a month, you will see average hours per week. If you view a week, you will see average hours per day.

Click the "Hours worked" box to view and/or edit the time entries that make up the total. See all your time and their status as billed or un-billed. Click any entry to edit it. You can download a full time worked report by clicking the download button in the upper right.

As with the money section above, toggle the graph to show your time worked trend or your time worked by client. Mouse over the graph for exact numbers and details.

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