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Connecting your Google calendar
Connecting your Google calendar

Why connecting your Google calendar makes Moxie work even better for you.

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When you connect your Google calendar, Moxie can help you fit your business around your life and not the other way around.

Connect your calendar
Click the workspace settings in the lower left corner and connected apps. Then choose Calendar & meetings.

Connect as many Google accounts as you like. You will get the option to integrate only the calendars that matter for your business or all of your calendars.


Once your calendar is integrated, you can easily see your schedule in your homebase, both in focus and calendar.

In focus, you'll get a quick schedule view of what is happening today. Toggle between days using the arrows. In calendar, easily view your schedule alongside projects, invoices, and proposals to schedule your slower seasons around vacations or holidays.

Your meeting scheduler can also be configured to check your availability automatically against your connected calendar(s). Meetings can also be added to your chosen connected calendar.

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