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Importing expenses with Plaid
Importing expenses with Plaid

Automate your expense importing and tracking

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Importing expenses with Plaid requires a US or Canadian bank account.

When you connect a business bank account or credit card via the Plaid integration, Moxie will automatically import and categorize all of your expenses giving you better visibility into the health and profitability of your business.

Connect (up to 3) accounts
Click the workspace settings in the lower left corner. Then choose connected apps > accounting.

Select your bank / credit card company from the next screen and continue with the authentication process.

Once you have authenticated with your bank, you will be brought back to the Settings screen and you will see that your account is linked and the transactions have begun importing. (Please note, with some financial institutions, it could take up to 15 minutes before you begin to see your data in Moxie.)

Now that your account is linked and expenses are importing, you can view your data in either the Expenses tab under the Accounting module - or within the Profit & Loss report.

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