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Communicator - FAQ's
Communicator - FAQ's

Questions about your Moxie business phone line

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What happens if I don't answer?

You can set up a voicemail under workspace settings > communicator > phone. Click "Record voicemail greeting" and you'll be given instructions to get a call on your phone to record your voicemail.

My inbox is syncing all of my emails and not focused on known contacts.

We sync emails from any contacts that you've added to Moxie, to or from. We also sync email from any active opportunity in your pipeline. If you have added your own email address as a test, that could be why you are seeing more emails than you expect in your Moxie focused inbox.

Can I set work hours?

Yes! You're a business so you get to have hours that you are CLOSED! Set your available hours that you'd like incoming calls forwarded to your phone. Calls outside of those hours will be sent to your voicemail.

How does my number work with my team?

Each of your teammates would need their own phone number. A few users could share a single line, but they will be able to see the entire call and text history for each other.

Can Communicator work with an existing business line?

Please chat with us and we can discuss what your best course of action is. If you want to change another virtual phone number to this one, you may need an LOA. You can also find more about porting a number to Moxie here.

Can I make international calls?

You can call US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Ireland.

Can I send texts internationally?

You can send text messages to US, CA, and UK.

Can I forward an existing Google voice number to my Moxie number?

You can port your Google voice number to Moxie if you want. This will allow text messages to come into Moxie as well. You'll need a form to show proof of ownership. Please chat with us in the lower right corner (click on the ?) and we can get you set up.

Does the Communicator feature auto record calls?

Not auto record, but there is a "record" button on the call controls so you can start call recording once you have confirmed with the other party that they consent to having the call recorded.

Will Communicator have a way to trigger templated text messages for reminders or follow ups?

This can be triggered using our workflow automations.

What about other countries besides the ones currently offered?

We will probably let you connect your own Twilio account in the near future. Currently, there are too many cost and compliance issues for us to be able to provide the service turnkey.


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