Summer '22 - Product Updates

Updates to Hectic web and mobile app for July, August, and September 2022

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Hectic Communicator - brings SMS, Voice, and Email functionality to Hectic web and mobile. Get a business phone number, connect your email inbox, streamline all of your client communications into a single unified view. Read in our official Communicator Overview.

Client Portal Requests / Ticketing - Full featured ticketing module built directly into Hectic Communicator and Client Portal. Check out the full notes to see how this can work for you.

Updated client / project collaboration - We have brought the full Kanban and Timeline functionality into the Client Portal to make it easier to collaborate on projects with your clients. Check out the help article on how to configure your permissions to maximize productivity when working together.

Recurring Deliverables, Expenses, and Invoices - you can now setup recurring tasks and events across multiple modules within Hectic to help you avoid doing the same thing every week or month.

Deliverables - Within a project you can create a recurring deliverable that will automatically pop into your Kanban board at on a pre-determined schedule. This feature is great if you have projects where you need to do the same task every week or month for a client. Run a report? Check SEO rankings? File taxes? Remember to take the garbage out? Whatever it is - if you are doing it on a regular basis within Hectic Project Management - this feature is for you.

Expenses - Save time by adding any recurring expenses automatically to your accounting reports. You can even choose to have the expenses associated with a client so you can automate your expense reimbursement process.

Invoices - Setup fixed or dynamic recurring invoices. Add your products and services and choose whether you want your billable projects and hours to automatically be added to each new invoice. You can choose to just send to your client, or opt to review before sending.

Email Templates - create and save email templates to customize and streamline the process of sending email communication to clients. Email templates can be used to customize system generated emails, such as payment confirmations, past due nudges, and reminders. In addition to customizing the system generated emails, the templates can be used in conjunction with Communicator to save time when you need to send similar messages to clients during the normal course of business.

Email templates support tokens which will be replaced with real data when you utilize the template to send a message to your client.

In the Invoices Preferences section of your Settings & Integrations window, you can choose which templates you want to use for your auto generated Invoice emails.

Email templates can also be used to send customized messages after meetings are scheduled or form submissions.

Track income generated outside of Hectic. You can now track income that was generated outside of Hectic invoicing. This feature is accessible under the "Payments" tab within the Accounting module. When you click to "Add payment" you will be prompted to apply the payment to an outstanding invoice or track it as "Other income".

When you choose to track other income you can enter the relevant details about the income and attach files (optional). Other income can be tracked down to the client and project, but it is not required to allocate the income to a specific Client. Income tracked using this feature will show up in your Profit & Loss, Homebase reports, as well as the Client/Project detail screens.

Project management - Timeline view. You can now visualize the timeline of your project deliverables using a Gantt style chart. Full drag and drop functionality to easily update start and end dates.

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