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Create your product and service library
Create your product and service library
Use your product and service library in agreements, projects, and invoices.
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If you have a project that has several different tasks that are billed at different rates, you need per item pricing. You can set this up wherever you set up your project and its tasks and fees.

Anytime you create a new product or service, no matter which feature you begin from, that product or service will be saved for future use everywhere in Hectic.

Add per item pricing to your fee structure project block. Click "Set up fees" in the project block header and choose "Per item"

Click on a task or add a new task. Click "Products and services" to add a pricing structure from your product/service library or create a new pricing structure.

You can also choose to charge hourly per this item.


In project management, click the project then "Edit." Choose "Per item" as the project fee type. When you add a task to this project, you will need to set it's price from your product and service library.

Click "Select product/service" to access your product/service library or add a new pricing structure. After you have selected the product or service for your task make sure you update the number of units that you will charge for with this task. It may be 1 if you set up a larger fee for one product or 1000 if you are a content creator and you charge by word.

When you create a new product or service, you will set the default rate and describe the units or choose to bill this task by the hour.


When you create an invoice, choose "Add new line item" to access your product/service library. Use a saved product or service or create a new one.

Pro tip: You can add this item to a project by hovering over the line in the invoice and clicking "Add to project."

To manage your project/service library, open it from any of the above locations. Use the edit pencil to make changes or the trash can to delete it from your library.

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