Recurring tasks

Automatically create a task that repeats at a regular interval.

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If your clients have you do the same task at a regularly occurring interval, you can create an automatically recurring task. Begin by clicking "Projects" then the project you want to add the recurring task to, then click tasks. Click on the recurrence icon in the upper right. Now click the + and choose task.

Pro tip: Creating a task with no specific project? Set up a "General tasks" projects with yourself as a client. You can track time to this project so you can see how much time you're spending on administrative work and update your costs accordingly.

You can use this for a weekly podcast you edit or a monthly SEO report. You can also set this task to recur daily for a task you accomplish every day.
Choose how often your task will recur and at what interval. Set start and end dates as necessary. Add a name for your task (this is required). Add any other details as necessary including assigning it to a collaborator, per item pricing if you have chosen that as your pricing structure, and a rolling due date.

Click any recurring task to edit it. A recurring task will automatically be placed in the furthest left column in your kanban board (alternately: the first status listed in the list view).

Edit a recurring task

Edit a single instance of the recurrence when it is placed in your project management list or kanban. Edit the recurrence by clicking the project then tasks then the recurrence icon. This will show you all your recurring tasks for this project. Click the 3 dots to edit the recurrence.

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