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To-dos, notes, schedule
To-dos, notes, schedule

Make your list of things to get done not associated with a project.

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If you want to keep a diary of what needs to get done, but your tasks aren't associated with projects or you don't want to use Moxie's project management, you can simply keep your thoughts docked at the right panel.

Click the checklist icon for access to to-dos, notes, and your schedule.


Your to-dos with a date will give you color cues for their due date. They will also appear on your homebase focus schedule and homebase calendar.


Keep a quick note from a call, for a future meeting, or just for yourself. Notes will automatically be given dates based on when they were first created. Edit a note by clicking it. Delete a note by hovering over it and clicking the trash can icon.

Markdown is supported in notes.


This is similar to the schedule you see in your homebase focus tab, but you can click schedule to dock it in the right panel when you navigate away from the homebase screen. Schedule is clickable so you can quickly join meetings, see meeting details, or add a time entry from that meeting.


The bell icon will dock your notifications. You'll receive notifications when an action has been taken or something needs your attention (e.g. form submitted, opportunity created, invoice ready for approval, invoice paid, agreement signed).

Notifications do not trigger based on due dates for tasks or projects (due dates will bring up tasks and projects in "Work to be done" in the homebase focus tab). Snooze or clear notifications. Notifications are clickable so you can quickly interact with any card.

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