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Porting a number to Moxie
Porting a number to Moxie

Move your number from an existing carrier to use with Moxie Communicator

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Moving your number to Moxie involves a few easy steps. The whole process can between 2-4 weeks to complete. Please do not cancel your existing phone service until you have confirmed that your number is fully migrated.

To start, please contact your existing provider and let them know you are moving your number to a new provider. You can ask if you need to "unlock" your number or are required to submit a "PIN" with your request.

Once your number is unlocked and you have your PIN, you will need to fill out and sign a Letter of Authorization (LOA - attached to the bottom of this document) which will enable Moxie to request control over your phone number. Please ensure the name, account number, and billing address match EXACTLY what is on your current vendors invoice and/or account settings.

In addition to your LOA, you must provide a recent bill copy to show ownership of the number. Ideally this bill copy should show the phone number which you are porting.

Once your LOA is completed, please submit both the LOA and the bill copy to our team via the in app chat system. We will submit your request and confirm the date and time your number will be activated within Moxie. You will see your number active in your Moxie workspace before it is active. This is to ensure you have time to configure your preferences prior to service activation.

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