Winter '23 Client Portal Update

Updates to Client Portal for Usability and Customization

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Client portal has been upgraded to provide a better and more customized experience for you and your clients.

Design Updates

The navigation, icons, and overall design elements have been updated to improve the look and feel of client portal. The revised design of Client Portal is based largely on the latest version of Hectic App and brings consistency across our suite of products. The slide out right bar provides easy access for actions the client needs to be aware of (Invoices ready for payment, project tasks updates, proposal comments, etc). A settings menu in the lower left allows for control of the language preferences as well as theme (dark mode / light mode).

Mobile Usability

The responsiveness of Client Portal has been improved to ensure that your clients can have a positive experience regardless of what device type they are accessing the portal from. Navigation, alerts, and settings move into a standard top menu. Individual components have also undergone various updates to ensure better mobile rendering and usability.

Customization and Personalization

We have added a number of customization and personalization options to have more control over your clients experience within your Client Portal.

Dark Mode Logo

The Brand configuration within Client Portal now allows you to upload both a standard logo as well as a dark mode version of your logo. Typically this is just a white or light gray rendering of your existing logo to ensure that when your client chooses to view the portal in dark mode, your logo remains visible on the dark background. We suggest using transparent PNG to provide the best rendering outcome.

Custom Pages

You are now able to add custom pages to the Client Portal. These pages are fully customizable and can contain text, images, videos, and iFrames. The pages can be integrated into the left nav or utilized in place of the default "welcome" screen. In addition creating custom pages, you are also able to add links to the left nav that link to other pages (open in a new tab). With customizable icons, page titles, and content - you are now able to add any additional pages and functionality to the client portal to ensure everything for your clients is in one place.

As always, we look forward to your feedback. Please don't hesitate to drop as a line at our feedback site!

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