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Sharing your Moxie calendar
Sharing your Moxie calendar

Import your Moxie calendar into any other calendar app via an ICS subscription.

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Moxie calendar allows you to generate an ICS subscription URL that you can import in any other calendar app. ICS (or iCalendar) is a universal calendar format that allows disparate calendaring systems to share events and subscribe to updates. Using your Moxie calendar share link, you can pull relevant event types into your Google Calendar, Office365/Outlook Calendar, Mac Calendar App, etc.

Note: It is important to be aware that ICS calendar updates are not pushed to your connected calendar in real time. The connected calendar is responsible for requesting updates at a pre-determined interval. Most calendar apps allow you to configure how often updates are requested. Google calendar does not allow configuration and Google does not officially disclose how often they request updates. In real world testing, updates appear to occur a few times per day at seemingly random intervals. If your calendar application supports configuring the interval, we recommend 15 minute or 1 hour update frequency to ensure your calendars are always up to date.

To share your Moxie events, start by navigating to your Calendar in Homebase. Once there, click the "share" icon in the upper right corner. This will bring up a dialog that allows you to select which categories of events you would like to show in your calendar app.

Pro tip: If you want to display categories (ie Projects and Time Entries) in different colors in your calendar app, generate two separate links and add them independently to your calendar. You can generate as many links and combinations as you need.

Once you have your link generated, you need to add it to your calendar app. All calendar apps refer to this process slightly different, but generally you are looking for a "Subscribe to an Internet Calendar" option.

Apple Calendar:
Click the "File" menu in the top, then click "New Calendar Subscription". This will bring up a text entry box where you can paste the link you copied from Moxie.

Google Calendar:
Click the "+" icon next to "Other Calendars" then select the "From URL" option. This will bring up a page where you can enter the link you copied from Moxie.

Outlook / Office365 Calendar:

Using the browser version of Outlook / Office365, navigate to your calendar and then click the "Add calendar" link on the left panel. Once there, click the "Subscribe from web" option and paste the link you copied from Moxie.

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