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Integrated payments in agreements
Integrated payments in agreements

Automatically capture initial payment with your proposal, quote, or contract.

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Moxie agreements allow you to capture payment during the signature process. To capture a payment you simply need to have one or more fee blocks in your agreement that require an up-front amount.

For example, if you want to collect a 50% deposit up front with your agreement, you'll want to use this integrated payment system.

Note: This feature requires an integrated payment provider - Stripe / Moxie Payments. (PayPal is not supported in this flow).

Once you have one or more fee blocks in your agreement you can add the "Integrated payment" block to your agreement.

Once you add the Integrated Payment block, you will see a simple credit card entry as part of your agreement. The signer of the agreement is required to enter valid card information prior to signing the agreement.

This card information will be used to pay the initial invoice automatically at the time of signature. Once the signer provides valid card information and signs the agreement, you will be notified that the agreement was signed and you have received a payment of $X amount.

Pro tip: The card information will be saved with the users profile and will be available to use with Moxie recurring / Auto pay invoices. Please make sure your agreement with your client allows for auto-charging their card before enabling this feature.

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