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Public API Fundamentals

Enable your public api key, find your base workspace endpoint, send actions

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The Moxie Public API provides a set of common actions to facilitate integration with third party platforms.

To enable Public API functionality, navigate to Workspace settings >> Connected Apps >> Integrations.

Click the option to "Enable Custom Integration" and you will see information about your Base Endpoint URL as well as your API Key.

The documentation for each specific type of Public API endpoint will reference a relative path to your Base URL for your workspace. If the endpoint specifies /clients/create you would make your API call to (for this example):

Your Api Key is passed to the Public API endpoints as a custom HTTP header. The header name is "X-API-KEY". An example would look like this (incomplete header set just for reference):

POST /api/public/clients/create HTTP/1.1
Accept: application/json
Content-Type: application/json
X-API-KEY: 64ba9e39d08e4e5e247ff0ad.4d89b3d32510cbf593fe661a4eb1389eab455

All data passed to public API endpoints will be in JSON format. Please reference the individual endpoint specifications for details on the JSON data.

There is a rate limit of 100 requests to the Public API endpoints in a 5 minute period. If the rate limit is exceeded, an HTTP 429 Rate Limit Exceeded response will be returned.

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