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Invoice webhook events

Definition of webhook events that are triggered on invoice objects

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X-Event-Type values

  • InvoiceSent

  • PaymentReceived

Notes: There are multiple total values contained in the invoice payload. Any of the values which have "local" associated with them will be values in the local workspace currency. The other values will be in the currency of the invoice specified by the "currency" property.

"id": "64ae5aea99f38e74fc78ae46",
"invoiceNumber": 74,
"invoiceNumberFormatted": "E-2023-74",
"accountId": 10016,
"clientId": "6490580de30ecf51c2c22ffa",
"dateCreated": "2023-07-16",
"dateSent": "2023-07-12",
"dateDue": "2023-08-11",
"dateDueCalculated": null,
"datePaid": "2023-07-12",
"clientInfo": {
"id": "6490580de30ecf51c2c22ffa",
"name": "E164",
"initials": null,
"address1": "123 Any Street",
"address2": null,
"city": "Anytown",
"locality": "NY",
"postal": "12020",
"country": "US",
"phone": "+15555551212",
"color": "#8EA3B8",
"taxId": null,
"website": null,
"contact": {
"id": "6490580de30ecf51c2c22ffb",
"accountId": 10016,
"clientId": "6490580de30ecf51c2c22ffa",
"clientPortalUserId": -79,
"firstName": "Geoffrey",
"lastName": "Mina",
"role": null,
"phone": "+12224445234",
"email": "",
"mobile": null,
"notes": null,
"defaultContact": true,
"invoiceContact": false,
"portalAccess": true,
"importRecordId": null,
"sampleData": null
"roundingIncrement": 1,
"customInfo": false
"status": "PARTIAL",
"invoiceType": "STANDARD",
"subTotal": 14950,
"convenienceFee": 0,
"lateFee": 0,
"discountAmount": 0,
"creditApplied": 0,
"tax": 225,
"total": 15175,
"localTotal": 15175,
"paymentTotal": 78.75,
"localPaymentTotal": 78.75,
"amountDue": 15096.25,
"localAmountDue": 15096.25,
"currency": "USD",
"integrationKeys": {
"quickbooksId": null,
"xeroId": null
"viewOnlineUrl": "",
"payments": [
"id": "29e34d7b-ef69-4059-bbe9-7b214c38a011",
"amount": 78.75,
"pending": false,
"paidBy": "G. Mina",
"paymentProvider": "CHECK",
"currency": "USD",
"referenceNumber": null,
"memo": null,
"datePaid": "2023-07-12",
"timestamp": "2023-07-12T06:00:00.000Z",
"integratedPayment": false,
"forcePaidInFull": false,
"integrationKeys": {
"quickbooksId": null,
"xeroId": null
"isFailedPayment": false,
"localAmount": 78.75

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