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Project webhook events

Definition of webhook events that are triggered when a project is created or modified

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X-Event-Type values

  • ProjectCreate

  • ProjectUpdate

  • ProjectComplete

"id": "6434749e852ec5116d546759",
"accountId": 10016,
"sampleData": false,
"clientId": "64230b34bd4bbd275c1f1739",
"name": "Design & Development of Website",
"description": null,
"active": true,
"startDate": "2023-05-16",
"dueDate": "2023-06-06",
"dateCreated": "2023-04-10T20:42:06.572Z",
"client": {
"accountId": 10016,
"sampleData": false,
"id": "64230b34bd4bbd275c1f1739",
"clientType": "Client",
"name": "Moxie",
"initials": "MOX1",
"locality": "CO",
"country": null,
"color": "#3BDBBE",
"projects": [],
"hourlyAmount": 0,
"archive": false,
"currency": "AUD",
"logo": ",SIZE,URL&url=",
"leadSource": "Google",
"contact": null
"leadGenArchived": false,
"feeSchedule": {
"feeType": "Fixed Price",
"amount": 5000,
"retainerSchedule": null,
"estimateMax": null,
"estimateMin": null,
"retainerStart": null,
"retainerTiming": "Advanced",
"retainerOverageRate": null,
"taxable": false,
"fromProposalId": null,
"fromProposalSignedDate": null,
"updatedDate": "2023-04-10T20:42:16.141Z",
"updatedBy": "G. Mina"
"proposalId": null,
"proposalName": null,
"hexColor": "#3BDBBEFF",
"portalAccess": "Overview",
"showTimeWorkedInPortal": true,
"files": [],
"deliverables": []

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