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Project task webhook events

Definition of webhook events that are triggered when a task is updated or modified

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X-Event-Type values

  • DeliverableApproval - Fired when a deliverable is updated to a Client Workflow status.

  • DeliverableCreate

  • DeliverableUpdate

  • DeliverableDelete

Note: Project Tasks in Moxie were previously named "deliverables". The term Task and Deliverable are used interchangeably in the API definitions.

"id": "64b3eba1249a076683fe3560",
"clientId": "6490580de30ecf51c2c22ffa",
"projectId": "649c83111c9cbe6ba1d4cabe",
"project": {
"id": "649c83111c9cbe6ba1d4cabe",
"accountId": 10016,
"sampleData": false,
"clientId": "6490580de30ecf51c2c22ffa",
"name": "Hourly Project",
"description": null,
"active": true,
"startDate": null,
"dueDate": null,
"dateCreated": "2023-06-28T18:59:29.587Z",
"client": null,
"leadGenArchived": false,
"feeSchedule": {
"feeType": "Hourly",
"amount": 150,
"retainerSchedule": null,
"estimateMax": null,
"estimateMin": null,
"retainerStart": null,
"retainerTiming": "Advanced",
"retainerOverageRate": null,
"taxable": false,
"fromProposalId": null,
"fromProposalSignedDate": null,
"updatedDate": null,
"updatedBy": null
"proposalId": null,
"proposalName": null,
"hexColor": "#ffffff00",
"portalAccess": "Overview",
"showTimeWorkedInPortal": true,
"files": [],
"deliverables": []
"client": {
"accountId": 10016,
"sampleData": false,
"id": "6490580de30ecf51c2c22ffa",
"clientType": "Client",
"name": "Moxie",
"initials": null,
"locality": "NY",
"country": "US",
"color": "#8EA3B8",
"projects": [],
"hourlyAmount": 150,
"archive": false,
"currency": "USD",
"logo": null,
"leadSource": null,
"contact": {
"id": "6490580de30ecf51c2c22ffb",
"accountId": 10016,
"clientId": "6490580de30ecf51c2c22ffa",
"clientPortalUserId": -79,
"firstName": "Geoffrey",
"lastName": "Mina",
"role": null,
"phone": "+15555551212",
"email": "",
"mobile": null,
"notes": null,
"defaultContact": true,
"invoiceContact": false,
"portalAccess": true,
"importRecordId": null,
"sampleData": null
"name": "Another new task to build website and victory",
"statusId": "05b26dd1-0668-4dcc-b438-87ac93d4eb15",
"status": "In Progress",
"priority": 2,
"description": "This is the description of the task",
"assignedTo": null,
"assignedToList": [
"approvalRequired": false,
"product": null,
"quantity": 0,
"invoiceId": null,
"invoiceNumber": null,
"customValues": [
"fieldId": "4591275b-1c76-4eae-9257-0438fe1d2354",
"fieldName": "Text Input",
"value": "Text input"
"fieldId": "a7e49f95-e0f4-416e-9bbf-586d98e1a55e",
"fieldName": "Numeric Input",
"value": 123
"fieldId": "0a95ed1a-f084-4e13-be02-6065bea93aed",
"fieldName": "Currency Input",
"value": 2000
"fieldId": "399ac82b-e56e-4499-b4be-db7d3f81f0fc",
"fieldName": "Radio Input",
"value": "Two"
"fieldId": "006ec49b-68e1-4ebd-9bdc-d18776551616",
"fieldName": "Checkbox Input",
"value": "Three"
"fieldId": "d255032b-4f82-4f1b-8b61-4bccc66370c4",
"fieldName": "Phase",
"value": "Phase 1"
"fieldId": "4a281477-bed5-4f56-9e89-0bcb3758b3f8",
"fieldName": "Shoot Date",
"value": "2023-07-07"
"fieldId": "3fb9c4f2-8093-4315-b2cd-748a3526b497",
"fieldName": "Recurs",
"value": "Yes"
"comments": [
"id": "81eec0c6-4b6b-46f5-a412-cdc66c8571c8",
"author": "Geoffrey Mina",
"authorId": "16",
"comment": "Comments in the task show up here.",
"clientComment": false,
"edited": false,
"privateComment": false,
"sendEmail": false,
"timestamp": "2023-07-20T10:51:32.086Z"
"startDate": "2023-07-01",
"dueDate": "2023-07-31",
"tasks": [
"id": "e105201a27f34a26a37ef54e6b0f522b",
"description": "One",
"complete": true
"id": "6c436ea963844783b569639f4c26768e",
"description": "Two",
"complete": true
"id": "bf62b9745301466397d09ab9aaa4bd69",
"description": "Three",
"complete": false
"id": "dd932850c2094d879c7128cecc468d83",
"description": "Four",
"complete": false
"archived": false,
"kanbanSort": 2

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