Create Task

Create a task in your project management system.

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Create a new task in your project management board which can optionally be associated with a project and a client.
Endpoint: /action/tasks/create

Method: POST

Request Body (example):

"name": "",
"clientName": "",
"projectName": "",
"status": "",
"description": "",
"dueDate": "2023-07-20",
"startDate": "2023-07-20",
"priority": 1,
"tasks": [
"assignedTo": [
"customValues": {
"Field1 name": "Field value",
"Field2 name": "Field value"

Properties that require further clarification:

  • name - Required - Task Name

  • clientName - Required - Exact match of a client record in your CRM

  • projectName - Required - Exact match of a project that is owned by the client referenced

  • Status - Optional - must match exactly a status in your kanban if provided

  • priority - Optional - numeric priority for sorting in kanban

  • assignedTo - Optional - email addresses of users in the workspace.

  • customValues - Optional - map of custom fields. The left side of the map must match exactly to fields specified in your project settings custom fields setup.

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