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Client Portal - Client Access and Login
Client Portal - Client Access and Login

Reduced friction and ease of setup for client access

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Granting access to your client portal is as easy as toggling on the feature for a contact and sharing your portal link. This guide will show you how to enable access as well as what the client experience is the first time they are accessing your portal.

Granting Access

Step 1 - Toggle on Portal Access - for any Contact you want to have access. Simply open up a Contact card associated with a client and toggle on the the appropriate setting.

Step 2 - Share your portal URL - Moxie doesn't have any automatic email process when you toggle on the portal access feature for a contact. This means you need to share your portal URL with your contacts in whatever way makes sense for your business. This could be

  • Having a "Client login" link on your website

  • Sending them an email with the link

  • Send a text message

  • Paying your cousin to ride their bike to their house and tell them the URL

  • It really doesn't matter how - just share the URL with them

If you somehow have forgotten your own portal URL, you can always access it on your Homebase / Focus screen. You can just click the URL here and it will copy it so you can paste it to send to your client.

Step 3 - There is no step 3. That's it - your client is now able to log into the portal.

Client Experience

Once you have shared your URL with your client, they will be able to log into the portal. The first time they arrive at the portal, they will be able to use the "Magic link" option.

Once they enter their email address and click the Sign-in button, We will send your client an email with a one-time use link that when clicked will bring them straight back to your portal fully authenticated. This email will come fully branded from your custom email. (Note: the name of my workspace is "Geoffrey Mina" - that would be replaced with your business name in your email)

Once your client is logged into your portal by clicking the button or link in the email, they will be able to (optionally) set a password for future access. There is no requirement that they set a password as they can always opt to use the "Magic link" feature, but if they prefer a more traditional login experience, they can click the profile icon in the upper right and choose the "Update password" option.

Any time you wish to revoke access to your portal for a client, simply toggle off their "Portal access" feature from step 1.

If you wish to have portal access enabled for all contacts by default, you can update your default settings in Workspace settings >> Preferences >> Clients

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