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User Types & Access
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Moxie supports multiple types of users with varying access levels within your workspace to ensure your team members only have access to what you want. You can manage your team members by navigating to Workspace Settings --> Team.

To invite a new team member, click the plus button in the upper right corner. Depending on your Moxie plan, you will see more or less options in the invitation list.

Account Owner

Only one user can be the "owner" of a workspace and this is the individual who first created the workspace. The owner account has access to everything in the workspace and cannot be changed.

Full Access (Requires Teams Plan)

Full access team members have access to everything in the workspace and all features except for the following:

No Access To:

  • Core business settings (name, logo, tax id, etc)

  • Accounting Integrations (Xero and Quickbooks)

  • Stripe connection / configuration

  • Payment / Subscription management (Moxie Subscription)

Restricted User (Requires Teams Plan)

Restricted access users are given access to certain features and modules within the client portal. When you invite a restricted access user to your workspace, you will be asked to select which modules and features you want the user to be given access to.

  • Clients - all restricted users can see clients within the CRM by default. This cannot be disabled.

  • Projects - can create, update, manage projects and tasks for all clients.

  • Invoices - can see historical invoicing data, rates for projects and clients, create and send invoices, see summary data within Homebase and Client overview.

  • Accounting - everything included in the invoicing permission plus access to the Accounting module, expense tracking and reporting.

  • Pipeline - full access to the sales pipeline module including creating opportunities, updating stages, attaching activity objects.

  • Agreements - can view, create, send, and sign agreements

  • Settings - can manage the workspace settings / configuration including templates (email, projects, invoices, agreements), forms, meeting schedulers.

  • Timesheets - users always have access to their own timesheet data. Enabling this feature allows the user to see everyone else's timesheet data.

  • Tickets/Requests - allows the user to manage Tickets/Requests within the inbox.

Project Collaborator (Requires Pro Plan)

Project collaborators have limited access to the Moxie workspace. They can only see the details of the projects they are given access to. They are not able to see any financial information, nor are they able to see the time worked for any other users in the workspace.

Project collaborators can be given access to one or more projects in the workspace.

Updating users permissions

There are three types of updates you can perform on user permissions.

Changing user level

If you want to move someone from one access type to another, for example a Project Collaborator to a Restricted User you would simply use the Invite tool to invite the user using the same email address currently used. This will cause the system to simply modify their permissions. They will not be required to accept the invitiation and the change will happen in real time.

Updating Project Access or Feature Access

If you have a restricted user or a project collaborator, you can simply click on the row for the user to modify their current permissions. You can add or remove projects and features, click save, and the user permissions will be updated in real time.

Revoking access

You can immediately revoke access for a user to your workspace by clicking the (...) button on the list of users and selecting the "Revoke account access" option.

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