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Mapping custom fields from a form
Mapping custom fields from a form

Set-up your form to map to custom client fields

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Utilized your custom fields to collect all the information you need on your intake form and map it to your correct custom client field.

Set up your form

First, let's set up your form. Click workspace settings in the lower left and then form builder. Then click the + to create a new form.

Add a form input under the "elements" tab for information you'd like to collect. Click the element to edit it.

For native inputs (First name, last name, address, email, phone, website, etc) click the "Mapping" dropdown and choose the appropriate box. If you don't see the appropriate field there, you'll want to use the "Mapping key" and custom fields.

Type a clear (not clever) word or words (no spaces) in the "Mapping key" box and leave the "Mapping" drop down blank. This word or words will be what you use to map to your custom fields so you'll want to make it easy to remember. Or you can ctrl + click and open a new instance of Moxie in another tab so you can come back for easy reference. (We've all been there.)

Pro tip: Since you'll be using this to manage your clients, you'll want to make sure that you click the settings tab and add this submission to your pipeline to easily track where this lead is in your sales pipeline.

Set up your custom fields

Click workspace settings again and choose custom fields. You'll want to work in the clients tab for this example (you may also want to add this to your pipeline tab). Click + to add a new stage.

Icon: Click under "Icon" and search for an appropriate icon if you like.

Field name: This will appear in the details screen as the description tag.

Mapping key: This is the mapping key you created in your form. These must match exactly.

Type: Select the type of field (date, currency, text, select box, etc)

Options: If the type is select box, check box, or radio, you'll be able to add options in this space. Otherwise it will be left blank.

Show on card (only available on pipeline or task custom fields): Two of these can be toggled on as fields you want to show on the at-a-glance card.

When a form is completed, these fields will be mapped to these fields. If you set up the custom fields to be mapped in your pipeline, you'll be able to see this information in your pipeline.

If you mapped it to the client, once you add your opportunity as a client (click the -- next to "Client/Prospect" and choose "+ Add new client/prospect"), you'll see all of these details in your client overview as well.

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