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Moxie's Universal Search+ allows seamless navigation and searching within your workspace

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Universal Search+ allows you to seamlessly search and navigate your workspace without the hassle of clicking and filtering.

To get started with Universal Search+, simply click "Cmd+K" on a Mac or "Ctrl+K" on a Windows computer... you can also click the search icon in the top bar (which we don't recommend, because that's not efficient!)

Once the Universal Search+ window is open you can type anything you are looking for from features to settings to preferences to clients, contacts, invoices and more.

Once you have entered your search criteria, use the Up and Down arrows on your keyboard to navigate through the list until your target element is highlighted. Then just click <Enter> to jump to whatever the highlighted item is.

Search Tip: You can include feature names in front of your search criteria to narrow down the results.  Say you have a client called "Moxie".  If you just search for "Moxie" you will find all the different record types (Invoices, Contacts, Agreements, Projects, Tasks, etc) associated with Moxie.  If you just want to see invoices, search for:

"Invoice Moxie"

And the search results will prioritize the invoice records over the other elements that match the query.

In addition to searching for features and records in your CRM, there are also a number of "slash commands" that make it easy to perform common actions. Simply type a forward slash to see all of the commands available from the Universal Search+ widget.

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