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Client portal - Customization
Client portal - Customization

Customize the look and feel of the client portal to match your brand.

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You can customize the look and feel of your client portal under the "Customization" tab. Navigate to your client portal settings by clicking your workspace settings in the lower left and choosing client portal.


You have the ability to set fonts, colors, splash images, and greeting messages. You can also specify a dark mode and light mode version of your logo.

Fonts & colors

Choose from over 500 Google fonts and select your primary brand color as well as a complimentary color for the left navigation panel.

Logo size and file type

For the best looking logo, we recommend a transparent background SVG file. If you only have access to a JPG, we recommend 300px width files. The logo will be displayed on the login page as well as the navigation bar.

Login screen

The login greeting will be displayed to the user on the login screen where we ask for their email address to authenticate them. We recommend including verbiage about the magic link email that will be sent to their inbox. Moxie can use authentication for your client portal using one-time secure access credentials.

Login splash image

Choose an image that reflects your brand... or just search for a color if you want to have a solid background that compliments your logo. The splash image is only displayed on the login screen.

Custom pages

By default, a page with your splash image and your client's notifications will be shown when they first log-in. We recommend you create a custom page to welcome your clients. You can use this for onboarding, or any other messaging you want to convey.

If you do not create a custom page, the text under customization > login screen > default welcome page message will be displayed.

Create a default page (or any custom page) by clicking "Custom pages" under your customization tab. Click the + and choose whether you want to create a full custom page, an external link, or iFrame.

4 steps to creating a custom page

1) Give your custom page a title. This is what will appear in the left navigation for your client.

2) Choose your layout. You can choose from a single page, side-by-side, header + 2 columns, or header + 2 columns + footer.

3) Choose which client this custom page will be visible for.
4) Add content. You can embed a video or form, create a table, add blocks or bulleted lists, or add your own custom code or iframe into each section of your custom page.

5) Enable your page. To make your page viewable to your clients, toggle on the enabled switch. You can set it to be the default page when your client's log in, or choose where you'd like it to be shown in the left nav. If you do not choose a position, it will be added to the bottom of the left nav list.

You can also add an external link and iFrames to the left navigation for your clients if you'd like to link your portfolio or social channels or any other link outside of Moxie's features. Click the + under "Custom pages" and choose external / iframe link. Add a title and the link. This link will open in a new tab.

The difference between the External and iFrame flow is that the external link will open a new tab, while the iFrame version will embed the page directly into the client portal. Please note that not every web page allows itself to be iframed. If the iFrame doesn't work, we recommend sticking with the External link.

The page link feature allows you to have different pages or embeds for each client. This is useful if you want to embed a client specific reporting dashboard, or send your client to a specific web page just for them. In the below example, the Default external link will be used for any client that isn't specifically called out below. The two clients below will see special pages just for them.

Enabled features

Choose which features are enabled by default for all clients. Customize features per client under the "Permissions" tab. Click the -- under custom access to allow certain features per client.

Custom code

Custom embed code allows you to embed JavaScript code to extend the functionality of your client portal. This can include Google Analytics, Intercom chat, Pendo Walk throughs, Hotjar, etc. Pretty much any product where the install instructions have you "Paste this code" into your website can be included here.

Moxie's client portal can be translated into your client's preferred language using the toggle in the lower left of your client's view. Your greeting messages will be displayed in the language that you write them and will not be automatically translated.

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