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Using automatic / subscription billing
Using automatic / subscription billing

Setup automatic recurring payments with your customers for products and services.

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In addition to the traditional invoicing features with Moxie, you have access to the full power of subscription / automatic payment billing. This allows you to offer your clients subscriptions to products and services and automatically bill the credit card or saved bank account at the beginning of a period.

**This feature requires an active Stripe connection - If you haven't yet connected Stripe, check out the guide on getting things set up.

Moxie supports two variations of subscription billing. The first is our native functionality which allows you to configure recurring Moxie invoices to auto-charge saved payment methods on the due date.

The second option is an overlay onto the Stripe subscription platform. If you don't have a specific reason to utilize the Stripe Subscription platform, we recommend sticking with the Moxie version.

If you'd like to allow your clients to pay several installments towards one project/payment, our payment plans are the best option.

Moxie - Auto pay for recurring invoices

Any Moxie recurring invoice can be configured for auto payment. This allows you to build subscription like workflows directly into Moxie invoicing. If you aren't familiar with using recurring invoices, check out the help article to get started.

Once you have your recurring invoice configured, you can choose to have the invoice automatically paid on the due date. You can either select a specific payment method or you can leave the payment method blank to utilize the default payment method for the client.

If you would like the card to be charged immediately when the recurring invoice is generated, be sure to have "Send Automatically" enabled as well as "Due on Receipt". This will cause the saved payment method to be charged immediately, and upon success a "Thank you for your payment" email + receipt will be sent to your client.

If your client hasn't yet paid an invoice, you may not have any saved payment methods for them. If this is the case, they will be required to pay the first invoice using the standard "Pay now" button. During the processing of that payment, the payment method will be securely saved and can be utilized to automatically charge future invoices.

Your client has the ability to manage their saved payment methods from within the "Payment methods" tab in the Client Portal.

Clicking the button will bring them to a branded Stripe page where they can securely add new payment methods, change the default, or remove payment methods they no longer wish to be saved.

Stripe - Subscription integration

Subscriptions are based on products or services that have prices and billing intervals. For example, a product may be "Web Hosting" which has a cost of $100 USD billed in Monthly increments.

Before you can sign your clients up for a subscription, you first need to configure your products, services, and billing intervals. This is configured under the Stripe Payments page (begin at your workspace settings in the lower left). Navigate to the "Subscription products" tab. Click the + button in the top to create your first Product/Service.

** Taxable Subscriptions: If you are required to add taxes to your subscription billing, you must first configure your tax rates within the Stripe Dashboard. Once you have created your tax rates, you will be able to select the tax rate in the Subscription setup screen with Moxie.

Now that we have an active product, we can begin the process of signing the client up for the subscription. This process is accomplished by sending your client an invitation to accept the subscription and provide their credit card info to finalize the agreement. Navigate to the Client subscriptions tab under Stripe integration to begin the invitation process.

Click the + button at the top. Select your client and the product they are going to be subscribing to. You can additionally choose a quantity here to specify how many units of the product they will be subscribing to each month.

Pro Tip: You can even make your "product" an hourly amount and subscribe your client to a number of hours per month that you are going to be working for them.

Customize your message and hit "Send". Your client will receive an email asking them complete the subscription request by clicking the button to visit the Stripe checkout page.

Once the client clicks the button, they will be presented with the familiar Stripe payment interface to finalize the subscription.

Immediately after completing the payment for the subscription, Moxie will generate an invoice, send a push notification to you letting you know the payment went through and you are now safe to provide services and/or begin work for the client.

The automatically created Moxie invoice will be marked as Paid and will have a single line item which shows the quantity, amount, and period of the subscription payment. Each future payment will generate a new invoice with the corresponding payment to make sure all of your income is accounted for consistently, regardless of whether you are using traditional invoicing or subscription billing.

Your clients will be able to manage their subscriptions from with their client portal by clicking "Invoices" and the "Subscriptions" tab.

Clicking the "Manage subscriptions" button will take them to a Stripe page which will allow them to cancel their subscription or modify their default payment method.

In addition, you will get push notifications in Moxie if a client cancels or if their payment fails due to the card on file not processing the transaction.

If you have any additional questions about subscription billing, just chat with us using the icon in the lower right. We are always happy to help!

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