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Which Moxie plan is right for me?
Which Moxie plan is right for me?

Choose from Pro or Teams plans.

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Welcome to Moxie! If you’re here, you’re one step closer to stress-free client management.

So, where should you start?

If you are freelancing, the Pro plan is for you. It includes everything you need to run your freelance business without any limits. Pro offers unlimited clients, project management, invoices and subscriptions, proposals and contracts, expenses and accounting, forms, time tracking, and integrated calendar. Pro also includes a sales pipeline, unlimited collaborators, a business phoneline, and integrated meeting scheduler. Create your account to start your free trial, no credit card, and nothing held back.

Can I pay for a year instead of monthly?

You can opt to pay annually and you'll get about 2 months for free. However, we know that a freelancer’s income can be fluid so we’re not keen on locking anyone into a yearly contract that doesn't want it. If you choose to pay monthly, you can cancel at anytime.

If you have a team or a partner, bring them along with Moxie too. Teams with Moxie allows you to give someone else full access to all your clients and projects so you can tackle bigger projects together seamlessly. Work together on teams with Moxie.

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