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Invoice and payment list
Invoice and payment list
View and edit your invoices and payments in one easy place.
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Hectic's accounting software is designed to make you the master of your money. Easily see your invoices and their amounts and statuses. Use filters to show only what you want to see.


See all of your invoices by going to "Accounting" in the left navigation and clicking the "Invoices" tab. You can sort by any of the headers across the top allowing you to sort by dates (created or due), client, invoice number, amount, or status. Your invoice status will show as draft, sent, paid, late, or voided.

Pro-tip: Add custom invoice numbering.

Click any entry to view the full invoice. For full details on an invoice's activity (like created date, late fees waived, or payments made), use the buttons at the top of the invoice itself.

Filters can show a specific client or invoice status as well as a specific date range. Read more about invoices here.

Payments & income

View the complete history of payments received. If your client made several partial payments, you will see each as a transaction in this list. Click any entry to see the invoice associated with it.

You can sort by any of the headers at the top. Filters in the upper right corner can show just a specific client's payments or payments from a selected date range.

You can also add money that you've earned outside of an invoice. When adding a new payment, you are able to choose whether you are applying the payment to an outstanding invoice (created within Hectic) or whether you are documenting income that was received outside of the Hectic invoicing system.

Tracking income outside of Hectic is an easy way to document other sources of income that don't require invoicing workflows or perhaps are being generated in an external E-Commerce platform. Other income will populate throughout the app as you are able to allocate the income to clients and projects.

Both of these lists are available combined with other useful information in your homebase insights as well.

If you'd like to download a full report, you can navigate to the "Profit & loss" tab. Choose the time frame you would like to see in the upper right corner and then choose "Download report." You will get an excel sheet with tabs for profit and loss, invoices, expenses, payments, and taxes.

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