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For the projects that you work on with each client, create a template for easy re-use.

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If you have a project with a set of tasks and sub-tasks that you use over and over, save yourself time by creating a project template and add it all with just a few clicks. Reuse these content blocks in agreements and project management.

Create a project template

The easiest way to create a project template is from an existing project. Choose any project that you've already created. Click edit and then choose "Save project as template."

You will have the option to rename this or overwrite a previously created template. Timeline of due dates for your template will automatically calculate based on the time between when you began the project and the due date you set.
You can edit the project and its tasks in the template by clicking any line of tasks.

You can also create a project from scratch. From the workspace settings choose templates then projects. Then click the + in the upper right. Name the project and set up your project fee type.

After you've created the project, you can add tasks by clicking the 3 dots on the right. Add as much or as little detail to the modal screen as works in your business. Only the name is required.

Choose a time frame for completion of this task. The actual date will set based on when a project is created from this template. Add as many tasks as you'd like to each project as part of the package.

If you choose per item pricing for the task in your template, you will also have access to your product/service library. With your product and service library, you can save pricing rates that you use often (eg. blogs, edits, page reads) to add quickly to projects or invoices.

Using project templates

From agreements...

Add your project template to any agreement. In any editable agreement (quote, proposal, or contract), select the +insert block. You will see the option to start from scratch with new fees and structures or any of the templates that you have created.

You can also add project templates in your agreement templates the same way to make creating a repeatable agreement a breeze.

From projects...

When you create a new project, you will have the option to name your project or start from a created template.

Simply choose a client to add the project template to and your admin day is already one step closer to done.

More on how project templates pair nicely with agreement templates.

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