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Associate items with an opportunity
Associate items with an opportunity

Keep all of the details together for your upcoming work. Add it to your sales pipeline from anywhere in Moxie.

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You never want to lose the details for an opportunity you are trying to win for future work. Keep everything from invoices to projects to agreements (proposals, contracts, or quotes) associated with the right opportunity.

To add an agreement, email, form request, invoice, meeting, or project, click on your opportunity and then "activity." Click on "Add" and then choose what you'd like to add.

Pro tip: If you choose "meeting" from this dropdown and share that link, the scheduled meeting will be automatically added to this opportunity.

Everywhere you see this icon, you can click to link it with a specific opportunity.

Feature to associate with an opportunity

Where to find the link icon


In any agreement near comment history

Inbox (Email, phone call, text message)

Click in any communication, in the upper right corner near the snooze/archive action icons


In any invoice near invoice payment history


Click into the meeting details (from notifications or calendar)


Click the project then edit, link in the upper right corner

Note: To add projects, invoices, or agreements to an opportunity, the opportunity must be associated with the same client or prospect as the project, invoice, or agreement.

Anything linked to an opportunity will be available in the opportunity details under the activity tab. It is clickable from here so you can easily keep track of anything and everything associated with your opportunity.

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