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Communicator - Overview
Communicator - Overview

What is Moxie Communicator and and why is it going to change your life?

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Communicator was designed and built with two goals in mind. The first is to help keep all communication with your clients centrally organized, archivable, and easy to find and reference. The second is to help create a healthy line between your work life and your personal life.

Watch this video or read more about communicator below.

The three main features of Communicator that help accomplish these two goals are:

Business phone line

Providing your personal cell phone number to clients is never an ideal solution and often leads to unwanted calls and messages outside of your normal business hours. A business phone line with Moxie gives you the ability to both centralize your client calls and messaging into Moxie as well control what days and times your clients can get through to you.

Once you have your phone line activated - you will have an integrated phone/messenger in your Moxie web and mobile app. You will be able to configure options for voicemail, call forwarding, and control what days and times your clients can get through to you.

Key Features

  • In-browser calling and messaging

  • Mobile app integration for messaging and calling from iOS and Android app

  • Forward calls to your cell phone if you aren't at your computer and make calls from your cell phone to your clients without exposing your personal cell number

  • Voicemail and call recording to easily record important calls with your clients so you can go back and review requirements at a later date

  • Time of day / Day of week business hours - control what hours you want calls and messages to come through. No more weekend camping trip interruptions!

  • Automatic voicemail transcriptions

To get started, claim your new business number by navigating to your workspace settings in the lower left. Then click "Communicator." In the phone tab, you can search for a phone number in your city/region/area code. Select one or all three to begin your search.

Once you select and activate your new business number you will see a number of settings to control how your business phone line should work.

Access your phone calls and messages from the phone icon in the upper right. Click it to dock it on your screen.

Focused email sync

Nobody likes dealing with emails. Junk mixed in with extremely important emails from your clients can lead to spending too much time just making sure you didn't miss anything important. Once your inbox is connected, Moxie will sync emails from only known contacts.

You can import your important contacts using our importer tool. View and edit all your contacts in clients > contacts tab.

To get started, connect your email account under the "Mailboxes" tab in Communicator.

Once your account is connected you will see the sync information showing how many emails were recently imported and when the next import will run. You can schedule the sync to run as often as every 5 minutes or as long as 60 minutes between downloads.

You can also add an email signature here.

IMPORTANT: Moxie keeps a local copy of the email message in your workspace. Once imported into Moxie, the individual email is not connected to your original email account, but a copy is stored within Moxie and organized along with your other client communications. You can safely delete emails from your email account without impacting the Moxie version of the email. Likewise, you can archive the email in Moxie and not impact your email account version.

Click on the email address to edit, add a from alias, and opt to share your inbox with other members of your team.

If you have associated your contacts with clients, you can view a single client focused inbox by clicking the client and then their inbox tab. This will show you only communication from known contacts associated with this client if you want granular focus for an hour or the day.

Otherwise, see your universal inbox.

Universal inbox

No more trying to remember whether that was a call, email, or text message where your client submitted their most recent request! Universal inbox provides a consolidated view of all communications across your business phone, messaging, and email channels.

Key Features

  • Quick date and client filters

  • Filter by channel (voice, message, email, requests)

  • Snooze and archive

  • Email templates - stop writing the same email over and over again

  • Recent communication insight with contacts

Full featured email editor with template support including contextual communication history for everyone in the email, chat, or phone call.

You will not be able to get a phone number until after you upgrade from the free trial. If you have any ideas on how to improve Communicator, please drop us a note on our feedback site.

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