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Add an opportunity

How to add an opportunity for tracking in your sales pipeline.

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Project management helps you to keep track of what projects you are currently working on. Sales pipeline acts similarly for upcoming opportunities that haven't yet become closed deals. Keep track of all of the opportunities - from the ones you're sure will sign a contract to the ones you're dreaming about.

Automatically add opportunities

Use an embedded form on your website to automatically add opportunities for tracking on your pipeline. After you create a form that collects all of the information you want to gather from prospective clients, click settings and then use the dropdown box "Add submission to pipeline." Select which stage of your pipeline you'd like inquiries to be added to (you can customize these stages in your settings).

You can also add opportunities to your pipeline from a meeting scheduler. Set this up in your workspace settings > meeting scheduler. When you create a scheduler, use the dropdown on the overview page.

Manually add opportunities

You can also add an opportunity manually by clicking pipeline in the left nav and using the + in the upper right corner. Add in as much or as little detail as you desire. You can also add this opportunity to a current client or a prospective client by clicking "client/prospect."

Customize what fields you track with each opportunity in your settings.

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