Winter '24 Updates
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Agreements V2

A major update to agreements was announced in December 2023. Watch the feature release video on YouTube.

Fully customizable agreements that can include your full onboarding process (forms, meetings, payment, package selection) or simply contract verbiage and everything in between.

Read more about creating agreements here.

Payment plans

In tandem with agreements, creating a payment plan for your fixed rate projects is now possible in Moxie.

When you create an invoice, you'll be given the option to create a payment plan invoice.

Set as many payment events as you'd like and determine if they will be paid at a certain date or at a milestone that you set. Read more about payment plans for invoices here or watch a video. Read more about adding a payment plan as part of your initial agreement here.

Bookings dashboard

Get a forecast of your earnings in our bookings dashboard. Go to homebase > bookings to view what your income will look like based on what you've entered in Moxie for recurring projects, recurring invoices, and date scheduled payment plans.

Mark time billable or non-billable

If you are tracking time towards a project that is not billable (fixed rate or recurring project, for example), you can mark your time as non-billable.

Use the toggle in real time to flag the time entry as billable or not.

Read more about billable and non billable time here.

Meeting scheduler customizations and SMS/email reminders

By popular demand (and I mean, whoa. so many requests for this), we've added custom reminders to your meeting scheduler. You can opt to use the native calendar reminders or add custom email or text reminders.

Native reminders are those that come directly from a Google meet, Zoom, or Sessions scheduled meeting.

Or choose to send your own email from an email template that you created. You can also send a text reminder. Add multiple reminders and say goodbye to no shows (mostly).

New integrations (Make, Pabbly Connect, Sessions)

Moxie now plays well with Make, Pabbly, and Sessions. Read more about all of the integration options with Moxie in our Integrations help collection.

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