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Set up client portal
Set up client portal

Overview of Client Portal functionality and configuration.

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Moxie's Client Portal is full featured solution which gives your clients one place to access all of their invoices, time worked information, contracts, scheduled meetings, project collaboration tools, and request and ticket submission. Use your logo, fonts, colors, domain, and emails - the Moxie portal looks like it was custom built by you, for your clients. Your client does not need a Moxie account to view client portal.

Watch this video or continue reading below.

Customize and view your client portal by clicking the workspace icon in the lower left and choosing "Client portal."

Your client's view of client portal:

Configure your client portal:

Click in your workspace settings in the lower left and click client portal to configure what you'd like to show to your clients.

Click on the customization and then enabled features tab to set up which of Moxie's features you want to grant access to - projects, invoices, agreements, time worked, meetings, and/or requests and tickets.

Read more about how to customize the look & feel of your client portal using the customization tab.

View and edit permissions for each client. Once you have your portal configured, use the "Permissions" tab to grant your client's access via their email. You can also set up custom portal access to features per client here.

Set up your custom domain, or use the default domain created for your client portal. This link plus their email is how your clients will access the portal. You can also find this link on your homebase in quick links in the lower right.

Set up client portal access:

Click on your client and then a contact on the overview screen (or add a new contact). Make sure you enter their email address. This email address will be how your client accesses the portal. They do not need a Moxie account to access client portal.

When you add or click on a contact, you can toggle if this client has portal access (as well as add them as the primary contact and/or invoicing contact).

You can also manage access to the client portal from your client portal settings > permissions tab.

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