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Automations for agreements
Automations for agreements

Have a signed agreement create a project or invoice.

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Set up your agreements (proposals, contracts, and quotes) to create projects and invoices automatically once they are signed by both parties.

When you create your agreement, add a fee structure with deliverables (you can also begin from a project template you've already set up). This will add a project name and any associated tasks and fees along with that project. Add as much or as little detail as you like here, keeping in mind that the information you set here will be part of your automation.

When you click set-up fees (or the fee structure from a project template), you'll be able to toggle on the automations you want.

If you are using a project template, you can optionally add the name of this specific instance of that project with this client. Otherwise the project created will be named based on your project template name.

If you have created a fee structure that is a retainer or project-based pricing, you will get the option to automatically send the first invoice and choose whether you want to approve that invoice or not.

You can also include integrated payment on your agreement to require the deposit to be paid along with the signed agreement.

Pro tip: You can set up an automatic recurring invoice after your agreement has been signed. This is especially useful for retainer clients so you never forget to send your invoices.

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