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Convert your opportunity to a client
Convert your opportunity to a client

How to take a form filled on your website to an opportunity and turn them into a client in Moxie.

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Moxie can help take your inbound leads and track them until they are clients with full projects. You'll want to first begin with a form. Read more about creating forms here.

Step 1: Create your form

In your form, be sure to map each field so that Moxie knows where to pull the appropriate information like name, email, and other custom fields. Click each field you enter and use the mapping key or mapping dropdown.

Once your elements are complete, click "settings" in the form and use the dropdown for "add submission to pipeline."

You can then embed your form to your website or share via a link in your email. Choose the appropriate code or link for you by clicking "Share" in the upper right.

Step 2: Use your pipeline

Once a form is submitted, you'll receive a notification and you'll be able to view the information in your pipeline.

In the above example, you're seeing:
โ€‹The client's name / The form that was used to collect this information
The client's name * email entered

You can use custom fields to add up to two more custom fields on this card. Click Workspace settings in the lower left > custom fields > pipeline. You can add fields that you'd like to collect (and map in your form) and then use the toggle to "show on card."

When you click the opportunity in your pipeline, you can view details and any default to-dos associated with each opportunity. Click the "Activity" tab to view the form submitted and any other associated automations that have run.

Step 3: Add a new client

After you qualify this lead following your process, you're ready to add them as a client.

Manually add a new client

Click the opportunity to view the details and then the "- -" next to "Client/Prospect." Then click "+Add new client/prospect."
This will pull up the module to add a client or prospect with all of the information that you mapped from your form in the correct places. Pay special attention to the "Record type." You'll want to choose whether this is a new client or prospect.

If you've added this opportunity as a client, you may want to change the stage in the pipeline and you can continue to use automations to send agreements and create projects.

Add a client through workflow automation

Create a workflow automation beginning at "Workspace settings" then "Workflow automations." Your workflow automation will begin when an opportunity enters a stage. You can manually change the stage when you're ready to create a client or add "change stage" to the end of a previous automation to have it continuously flow automatically.

After you decide which stage of your process will begin creating a client, add the "Create client" widget to the field.

This will create a client with the information you mapped from your form as part of this workflow. You can now send this client an invoice or agreement.

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