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What to create for your workflow automations
What to create for your workflow automations
We recommend setting up these items to make creating your workflow automations a breeze.
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When you're ready to get your intake and discovery process running without you wherever possible, automations can help. Set up automatic email responses to form submissions, send invoices, and move opportunities through your sales pipeline.

We recommend getting these things set up to use automations the most effectively.


Create email templates for any automated emails that you want to send. This might include an email inviting someone to schedule a meeting via your meeting scheduler, a review request after a project is complete, or an email accompanying a written agreement.

If you'll be automating written agreements, you'll want to create the appropriate agreement template as well with projects, fees, and legal language.

If you would like to add a project via an automation, you'll need a project template created.


If you'd like to embed a form in your website and automate responses or movement through your sales pipeline, you'll want to create the appropriate form with questions for discovery or intake depending on your needs.

Make sure that your content blocks in the form have their "Field ID" filled out if you'd like to reference them in your workflow automation.


Set up your pipeline stages so they match what works for your business. You can label your stages on your own terms. These stage labels will be used in your automations. Manage these in your workspace settings > pipeline settings. Labels can be changed to anything you like. The stage type will tell Hectic how to treat the income you enter into the opportunity. In progress, close won, and complete income will be shown in your forecast. On hold and closed lost will not.


If you'll be using automation with invoices, it can help to add the items you'll put in an automated invoice to your product and service library. You can add specific services that will be charged to each use of this automation or enter a flat amount for initial work as the "Unit label."

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