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Time tracking

We believe time tracking helps you set and raise rates and evaluate your clients, even if you aren't billing them hourly. Access the time tracker in the upper right corner. The tracker runs until you click the stop button, even if you navigate away from Moxie for your other work.

Assign time to a client, project, and/or task and add notes by clicking on the timer. View your history or quickly restart work on a project by clicking the arrow.


Access your phone dialer and messages at the phone icon. Read more about communicator and why it's going to change your life here.

To dos / Notes / Schedule

For to-dos that are not associated with a project, click the check list icon. If you add a date to your to-dos, you will be able to view them on your calendar and in your schedule. You will also see your to-do in red if it is over due, in blue if it is due today, and plain if it is due in the future or has no date. You'll see to-dos crossed off as you complete them for 24 hours or other completed to-do's by clicking "Show previously completed."


Receive notifications here for messages received, meetings booked, invoices paid or ready for approval, agreements (proposals, quotes, contracts) signed, client requests/tickets submitted, forms filled out, or @ mentions on projects.


Get help with our searchable knowledge base (probably how you got here) or chat by clicking on the ? icon.

User icon

Edit your user log-in settings by clicking your photo or icon in the upper right corner and clicking "My profile." To update your email address, click the lock to unlock it and edit that field. You can also delete your full account here if you desire. You cannot delete an account if you have an active Stripe client subscription.

If you have a feature request or other suggestion, you can leave it by clicking "Feedback."

Here is an overview of the features in the left sidebar.


You have 3 tabs for homebase - focus, calendar, and insights. Homebase has a universal add for all of Moxie's features, upcoming tasks, your schedule for the day, and quick links to your client portal, business phone number, and meeting schedulers.

See your time worked, ongoing projects, meetings, and more in calendar. Get a picture of your businesses time and money and how they work together in insights.


See all of your clients and star your favorites to dock them in your sidebar. Click any client for management.

View all of your known contacts for use with Communicator.


View your project management by a list of projects or tasks.

Choose the layout that works for you: list, kanban (card), or timeline (Gant) view by using the icons in the upper right.


Your focused inbox will only pull your known contacts (contacts you've added to clients or imported with the data importer). If you'd like to see an inbox that is further focused for just one client, click that client and then their inbox tab.

Use the filters at the top to sort out emails by unread or read, client, type, or date.


Manage your prospects and clients so you never get a dry spell or feel like you are drowning. Lead generation forms and meetings scheduled become inquiries. Easily keep track of who has received a proposal and who is ready to start working with you.


Get your finances in order with Moxie's accounting features, including expense tracking, vendor management, and profit & loss reports. Send invoices (including electronic payment options) and track your business expenses all year long for the easiest tax season ever.


View all of your time sheets for all clients. Add a manual time entry here or edit a past time entry as necessary. You can download a spreadsheet of your time as well if a client requests it. Filter by client, user, time worked status, and date range as necessary.


Keep your favorite clients docked in the left nav for quickest access. Click clients and then heart your favorite clients.

Workspace settings

Click the icon in the lower left for settings and preferences for each feature. Here you'll find:

Account settings

  • My business - Your account information and logo

  • Subscription plan

  • Connected apps - Add and manage integrations

  • Stripe payments - Subscription billing managed with Stripe

  • Data import/export

  • Team members - Manage your collaborators and team members

  • Referral program - A unique link to refer someone to Moxie that earns you $50 (USD) when they sign-up for a Moxie plan and stay for 2 months.

Feature settings

To switch workspaces, click the icon, then the arrows to show the other workspaces you have access to.

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