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When you take a few minutes to set up your Moxie account, it will save you all that time back and more.

Access all of your settings from the workspace icon in the lower left corner.

My business

Add your legal business details. Use the name that you want to appear on your agreements and invoices.

Add your logo, what type of business you are registered as, and your location and home currency information. For your logo size, we recommend uploading an SVG file. If you only have access to a JPG, we recommend 300px width files.

You can enter as much information as you'd like in this section. Your mailing address in this setting will auto-populate in your invoices as well.


Connected apps

Moxie can be connected to several apps.

Calendar and meetings

  • Google calendar

  • Microsoft calendar

  • iCloud calendar

  • Zoom

Payment providers

  • PayPal

  • Stripe


  • Plaid

  • Quickbooks

  • Xero (beta)


  • Zapier

For more information on setting up your connected apps, see our help section on integrations.

Stripe payments

Integrate with Stripe for card or ACH payments as well as access to subscription billing and automatic expenses.

Data import/export

If you would like to import data from another software, save it as a .xls or .csv sheet. Then map the columns to bring in clients, contacts, invoices, expenses, and time worked.

You can also export all your data from Moxie - clients, contacts, projects, tasks, time worked, invoices, expenses, and payments - as needed.

Read our full article on what fields you can import.

Team members

Add collaborators that you work with on only certain projects (Pro plan) or a full access team member that has access to everything in your account (Teams plan).

You can invite an unlimited number of collaborators. Currently you are limited to 5 team members with the default teams plan. If you need more, don't hesitate to reach out to us via the help chat in the lower right corner of this article.

Refer a friend, earn $50!

Join our affiliates program and earn $50 every time someone uses your link to subscribe to Moxie (*that user must be a paid user for at least 2 months). You'll add your payout details in this section and will be paid after your referral has upgraded for 2 months.

Client portal

When you're ready to level up your client experience, give them access to your branded client portal. You'll manage the colors, permissions, feature access, custom pages, custom domain, and custom email from this setting.

Quick access to your client portal link is on your homebase focus tab.

Pro tip: The colors you choose in your client portal for buttons will update all of your client facing work (e.g. invoices). Your forms and agreements have their own color scheme settings.


Connect your email address to utilize Moxie's focused inbox. You can also set up a business phone line (US and Canada only) as well as all of the settings for call forwarding, voicemail, and hours of operation.

If you'd like to allow your clients to send requests or tickets, you will configure those settings here. Here's how you can use client requests and ticketing (plus bonus spork content).

For a full explanation about Communicator and why it will change your life, read this article.

Pipeline settings

Keeping just the right amount of work for your current schedule and your future self isn't magic - it's managed with a sales pipeline. Make one that is designed for freelancers and curated to match your onboarding workflow.

Manage your pipeline stages here with labels you create and add custom fields that you want to track with each new opportunity that comes your way.

Products & services

For items that you charge for but are not attached to a project, add them here in your product and service library. Add your rate (or charge hourly) and store these products and services in an easy-to-access library for use when you create agreements or invoices.

Meeting schedulers

Reclaim your time with Moxie's meeting scheduler. Set up your availability for meetings and integrate with Google meet and/or Zoom. More details on meeting scheduler in this article.

Form builder

Forms can be used for client requests and ticketing, integrated with your meeting scheduler, embedded in your website as lead collection, or simply part of your email signature. Get full details on setting up your forms here.


Create templates for agreements (proposals, quotes, or contracts) that you use on a regular basis. You can also create project templates for repeated projects.

You can also set up email templates for use throughout the app. You can use your own templates for invoices, meetings, forms, or any other email you send from Communicator.

Workflow automations

Simplify your onboarding process for clients by setting up workflow automations that automatically bring your new prospects through your custom vetting process (to make sure they are the right client for you). Use workflow automations to set up meetings, send proposals, and more.


This section includes settings for the way you view the app, invoices, and agreements (proposals, quotes, and contracts). You can also upload your own custom fonts here.

App settings
Set which core feature you'd like to see when you first open Moxie each day. This is also where you can set your day of the week to begin on Sunday or Monday depending on your preference. You can also opt to use dark mode or light mode.

Set up default hourly rates, late payment fees, payment terms, and credit card fee processing across all your clients here.

Set up automatic reminder emails that send to your client if they have an outstanding invoice. Choose how often your clients need to be reminded. This will affect all clients in your account.

Personalize the automatic invoice reminder emails in Communicator. Select which email gets sent in this area of settings.

You can also set up your tax preferences, including your tax label, if you have a taxable good or service. Allow your clients to see a detailed view of hourly projects or simply a summary. Add a compliance header and/or set up your custom invoice numbering system.

When you create an agreement with projects and tasks for a deposit payment in your payment terms, Moxie can automatically create projects and tasks once your proposal is signed. It will also create a deposit invoice based on your terms for you to approve (view it in your client > invoices). Enable or disable this feature here per type of agreement you create.

For example, you can allow Moxie to create projects in project management for proposals and contracts, but not quotes. Same for invoices.

Toggle the geo location included in your agreement signatures on and off here as well.

Custom fonts
If you have a custom font for your brand, you can add it in this section.

User profile settings

In addition to those settings, you can adjust your profile settings by clicking the icon or photo in the upper right corner. You can create a password for your account here if you love remembering new passwords. Here you can enter your phone number if you'd like to turn on two-factor authentication.

If you would like to delete your account, you can do that in this section as well. By deleting your account, all of your data including client records, attachments, invoices, contracts, etc., will be permanently removed and will be unrecoverable. You cannot delete your account while you have an active subscription.

You can also manage which workspaces you are a part of in this area. Leave any workspace as necessary. You can also set up multiple workspaces if you have multiple businesses that you run with different branding. Click the + to add another workspace.

If you'd like to have push notifications sent to your browser, click "notifications" and enable them here.

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